Occupational health and safety

GCC Group gives absolute priority to occupational safety and workers' physical integrity. Accidents cannot be seen as inevitable result of the nature of our work and we practice an across-board "Zero Accident" scheme. This scheme is implemented by all staff at all levels within the Group.

With the support of the Prevention and Safety department, GCC is committed to preventing risk and improving its workers and partners' work conditions and safety.

"Zero accident" goal

Safety is paramount to the construction industry. The "zero accident" goal is implemented through a simple, pragmatic and permanent system aimed at informing, making accountable and prevention. The Group's challenge is to stay vigilant on each worksite and maintain its high standards over time and for each operation.

Daily vigilance

Work on the ground is reinforced through multiple channels: repetition of guidelines, regular renewal of intervention sheets, systematic implementation of 15-minute safety procedure, update of safety rules, information sheets, accident reports, detailed follow-up software used to pinpoint axes of improvement, specific training, and sharing of good practices but also audits and reports from across our worksites.
To ensure these actions all become second-nature they are applied systematically and in an educational manner.

Expertise of a safety and prevention department

The Safety-Prevention department is present on the worksites everyday. Prevention managers accompany the construction teams by providing advice and expertise: they monitor statistical indicators, which show our safety procedures are continually applied.